We can't wait to see you!

We do things a bit differently:

Mack Ave is different and we hope you feel loved by our difference.

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Sunday Service

JOIN US EACH WEEK AT 10:00 AM @ 3735 Harding, Detroit, MI, 48214

God makes no mistakes.

When He created you, He did so with intentionality and purpose. I want to help you find your God given purpose. Sure, you've have some highlights and there are aspects of who you are that are worth celebrating, but until you unlock your purpose you will pursue things that are empty. These things will be a quick fix, but leave you empty. Join us, as we seek God about purpose, to discover your purpose, so we can live out our purpose, together.

In case you were wondering...

Whether you've never been to church, come every Sunday, our were raised coming but it's been a while, our church is for you!

Everyone is welcome!

Whether you are single, a couple, or a family with one or nine children, we are excited to have you worship with us. You are not an inconvenience. You're part of the reason we exist.

Come as you are.


Your clothes reflect your creativity and personality. You will find people with dress suits and sweat suits on at our church. So, wear what you like, we just like that you are with us.

We're waiting for you!

Who will be there? Eeer-body! Yes, will find young people, seniors, singles, couples, black, asian, white, those heading in, those in the midst of, and those coming out of a storm all with the hope of learning about God and living out His purpose and plan for our lives. You will fit right in.