Michael Feng

Michael grew up in a Christian home in a northern Californian suburb. He is a second generation Chinese American and attended a Chinese-speaking church with his family from a young age. However, because English is his main language, Michael had difficulty paying attention to sermons. In high school, Michael was invited by his friends to attend their church. It was in this environment of exploring scripture, faith, and fellowship with his peers that Michael began to understand and believe in the goodness of God more deeply.

After high school, Michael attended University of California, San Diego, where he studied Psychology and spent much of his time serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In his second year, Michael had the opportunity to lead a freshman bible study with Elisha (now his wife). Michael moved on to oversee the freshmen ministry for InterVarsity at UCSD and was blessed to gain valuable experiences in leadership, teamwork, and ministry strategy. It was also during this time that the Lord grew Michael’s heart for working with under resourced and homeless communities. Michael served with his church’s homeless outreach for many years and, under the guidance of his pastor, provided transitional housing for a man who has since become a lifelong friend.

Furthermore, it was during his time at UCSD--and through several key friendships--that the Lord began to open Michael’s eyes to the racial injustices of this country. This was a start to a journey that eventually led Michael to fall in love with MACC.

After college, Michael served as a high school science teacher with Teach for America in Detroit, where he began attending MACC. It was here that Michael began to more fully understand God’s grace, sovereignty, and goodness within a community that loved each other deeply and cared for one another so well. Michael moved on to serve on staff with MACC for several years, where he was also blessed to start MACC Sports and to serve as the Music Ministry Director. Since changing careers in 2014, Michael has continued to serve as a Fellowship Group leader, Music Ministry Director, and to volunteer for various coaching, refereeing, and tutoring positions.

Michael is happily married to Elisha, his incredibly gifted wife and favorite partner in ministry. In their spare time they love growing vegetables, going canoeing with their dog named Bacon, and making things with their hands. Most importantly, they desire to see Christ known, trusted, and cherished in the community.