Theological Method

Biblical theology has to be developed before systematic theology can be produced. The first step to attaining the goal of correct biblical theology will be to gather all the relevant biblical passages on the doctrine being investigated.

But before we can get at the meaning of the biblical passage, attention should be given to the procedures of exegesis. The objective in biblical theology is to determine what happened. It is important to take seriously what the biblical text claims, and to evaluate those claims carefully.

Once I have carefully defined the methodology, it will then be important to make the broadest possible inquiry into what the teaching being studied actually means. Our attempt for right thinking compels us to not have a blind acceptance of a particular set of presuppositions or doctrine but to test each through humble exegesis.

Therefore, the sequence in developing our belief system is as follows:

  1. Exegesis
  2. Biblical theology
  3. Systematic theology