MACC Kids Update

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MACC Kids: Update from Shanna Sansom

I am extremely humbled and forever grateful for the legacy that Colette entrusted to me. Please continue to keep the beautiful Eby family in your prayers as they embark on a new season of life in ministry. 

Over the past few months, the MACC Kids team have carefully considered how to approach this next year of children’s ministry. We've researched several different children's church curriculum, made special updates to the MACC Kids nursery and classrooms, and began the process of recruiting and training new volunteers. Yet, our mission, vision and purpose remains the same: Show Them Jesus.

In the next few weeks, we will be finishing up our SUMMER JAM theme. We’ve had lots of fun in the sun while learning how to "MAKE WAVES." The important message of Galatians 5 has helped us understand that what we do can change the world around us. 

We are praising the Lord for all of His many blessings including Alyce Hartman. She has graciously volunteered to lead our preschool class (ages 3s and 4s) in person on MACC Kids Sundays starting this fall. 

Please pray for:

  • The bond and relationships among MACC families with children.
  • The formation of our MACC Kids Advisory Committee.
  • A full MACC Kids volunteer roster of men and women who love sharing the good news in fun and exciting ways.
  • The families with children in our community. May they find a source of love and support at MACC.
  • Harmony, synergy and cohesiveness among the MACC kids leadership and volunteers.