Fellowship Groups

Groups begin each September and meet twice a month through May

Fellowship is one of the four ways, along with teaching, praying, and witnessing, in which you grow as a disciple here at Mack Avenue Community Church. Fellowship for the early church meant spending time with one another, sharing meals, and sacrificially assuming responsibility for the spiritual and physical well-being of other believers. It was a chance to know and be known by others. This kind of interdependent community is essential to the Christian faith and is why the Bible often describes the church as a body with various parts who desperately need one another to be healthy and functioning.

Put another way, Fellowship Groups are the primary space for body members to practice and experience the “one-anothers” of Scripture, as they care for the physical and spiritual needs of each other. This kind of intimate fellowship requires each member to come ready to engage in life together. Fellowship Groups are intentionally diverse and we believe God gives each of us unique ways to reflect His Kingdom to one another and the world.

Fellowship Groups are redemptive and relational. We will learn about God and allow the redeeming story of the gospel to shape and grow us to look more like Jesus. We will also have the opportunity to experience God’s love and learn how to love one another as we build relationships founded on Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Group Expectations:

  • Partake in a meal where members have a chance to talk and share about life.
  • Contribute by being an active member in group discussions by listening well and offering reflections, wisdom, and insight.
  • Attend Fellowship Group twice a month during the scheduled 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.
  • Engage in building relationships
  • Pray together as a group and pray for one another throughout the week.
  • Contribute during group outreaches.
  • If a church group, participate in the clean up rotation after group meetings.

Markers of a Healthy Disciple:

  • Abides in Christ through spiritual disciplines
  • Knows scripture and articulates the gospel
  • Prays continually
  • Understands and uses spiritual gifts
  • Experiences intimacy & fellowship
  • Understands and demonstrates cultural sensitivity
  • Models God’s concern for poor & marginalized
  • Multiplies by making disciples

Our hope is that you will be strengthened as a disciple through your investment in your Fellowship Group.  Please use these markers as guides to help you reflect, share insights, and  pray within your group.

Fellowship Group Principles:

  • We all are broken: We are all more broken than we want to admit, and God is more holy than we comprehend.
  • We all need Jesus: In Jesus we are more forgiven and accepted than we can imagine, and God is more delighted in us that we understand.
  • We all need one another: We need each other to share our struggles and joys in following Jesus (John 17:20-23).
  • The world needs the gospel: The gospel offers the hope of justice, the clarity of truth, the comfort of grace, and joy of Jesus to a broken world.

The Four Practices:

  • SHARE → truth and life
  • PRAY → for one another and the city
  • EQUIP → one another to engage people and culture
  • LOVE → one another and your neighbor

We pray this time grows you in understanding God, increases your ability to hear from God, and grows your capacity to live for God. For more information about Fellowship Groups, please fill out this form to get connected with someone from our church family