Tuesday Nights

Each Tuesday of the month we gather in a different way as a church family. Read below to learn what each night of the month holds! Currently these meetings are virtual but in the future will take place at the church building.

first tuesday of each month

Prayer Night

Our monthly prayer nights are a time to pray together communally. Currently, these prayer nights are happening online. Click below for more details.

second & fourth tuesdays of each month

Fellowship Group

Fellowship Groups are the primary space for body members to practice and experience the “one-anothers” of Scripture, as they care for the physical and spiritual needs of each other. This kind of intimate fellowship requires each member to come ready to engage in life together. Fellowship Groups are intentionally diverse and we believe God gives each of us unique ways to reflect His Kingdom to one another and the world. Fellowship Groups are redemptive and relational. We will learn about God and allow the redeeming story of the gospel to shape and grow us to look more like Jesus. We will also have the opportunity to experience God’s love and learn how to love one another as we build relationships founded on Jesus Christ.

third tuesday of each month

Cultural Conversations

During our monthly Cultural Conversations gatherings, we discuss how the gospel addresses the challenging conversations happening today, specifically in our unique cultural context.