Associate Pastor Position

We are looking to hire an Associate Pastor. Read below to learn more.

All applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by February 15th.

Who We Are  

Our community, Detroit’s 48214 zip code, is beautifully diverse and complex: backyard BBQs and liquor stores, historic homes and block clubs, slow roll bike rides and butcher shops. Educators and electricians. CEOs and coaches. Priests and police officers. Grandmothers and cousins live down the street from each other. Smiles, laughter, and tears from the expressions of sin and suffering all around us.  And set in the midst of it all is an expression of Christ’s reconciliation and love across difference: Mack Avenue Community Church

We, the church, seek to be a redemptive change agent that brings forth God’s spiritual and physical renewal to communities, starting with our own. 

Spiritually, our church is built upon the four pillars of holistic witness, prayer, fellowship, and teaching found in Acts 2:42-47. These pillars equip the saints to look more like Christ and spread the mission of Jesus Christ, both in our church’s presence at the corner of Harding and Mack Avenue, and beyond the walls of our sanctuary to the front porches and backyards of our members neighboring throughout the 48214. 

Physically, we pursue Christ-centered renewal through our non-profit, MACC Development, which was created as an extension of the church with the aim of increasing the quality of life of the entire neighborhood. By God’s grace, and in just over a decade, MACC Development has become an innovative and respected Detroit-based non-profit, regarded highly by both its peers and our individual neighbors.  MACC Development physically advances God’s kingdom renewal through sports, literacy, community advocacy, a legal clinic, and a coffee shop/laundromat social enterprise, and more, all from its headquarters on the corner of Mack and Beals. The end goal is Christ, but the starting place may be one of the previously mentioned initiatives. 

It is in our 48214 community where the spiritual and physical, the programs and the prayers, the worship and encouragement and equipping all intersect in one place.  All of MACC’s ministries are focused in the 48214, many of MACC’s members live and raise their families in the 48214, and our Elder team has committed to living in the 48214. Our expectation, then, is that the Associate Pastor will also live in our community and join this communal effort to glorify God. 

We strongly encourage you to view our church and nonprofit websites and view these videos to get a greater sense of who we are and our philosophy of ministry. We are a church made up not only of a variety of races and ethnicities but also a diversity of occupation, life experiences, and more. Above all, we desire to bring honor and attention to God by the power of the Spirit and to see communities transformed by the power of the gospel.

Our Leadership Team and Culture 

MACC is led by a team of Elders, which includes both lay leaders and MACC’s full-time Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor manages the staff team, which includes a part time Director of Operations and a Worship Leader. 

And while the Lead Pastor has the final say with respect to MACC’s staff, our team defers to one another and seeks to approach ministry in a unified manner. We recognize the brilliance that is present in each staff member, we welcome creative thinking and taking initiative, and we celebrate one another’s ideas and contributions to the mission, all while recognizing that the church wins when MACC’s staff team is unified.  We believe that this collaboration helps us to reach outcomes that best honor Christ and care for our community.   

Who We Are Looking For 

Because we are a team-based ministry, we are prioritizing the applicant’s fit with the current team and the culture of our church.. We intend to tailor the job description for the future Associate Pastor according to his skillset and the needs of the team.

In general, however, we are looking for an Associate Pastor who possesses godly character, conducts himself with humility, is diligent, and believes in the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ to change lives. He must be committed to making disciples, preaching and teaching God’s Word, serving and loving our neighbors, and equipping the saints. And he must have both a heart for the broken and a level of confidence and comfort spending time with the marginalized, engaging with working-class professionals, or having coffee with a white-collar executive. 

 In addition to living a life that models Jesus Christ and aligns with the biblical expectations of an Elder (1 Tim 3:2-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Pet 5:1-3), the Associate Pastor's role could include:

  1. Preaching and teaching God’s Word on Sundays as well as during other church events, such as Bible studies, community gatherings, outreaches, etc. 
  2. Providing pastoral care to congregants and community members who may experience grief due to loss, encounter unforeseen circumstances, or who desire for you to celebrate with them as they achieve a personal accomplishment.  
  3. Providing counseling to those seeking wisdom, which could include, but is not limited to marital or premarital counseling, general discipleship, and/or helping individuals overcome hardships or struggles.
  4. Supervising and executing administrative duties that advance the goals of MACC, such as budgeting and finances, insurance, advancing our social media presence, newsletters, communications, facility management, etc.  
  5. Developing leaders capable of overseeing ministries, leading teams, and advancing the vision of the church through various expressions.  
  6. Leading and developing kids and youth ministries through empowering the youth leaders, and/or serving the youth directly, and supporting a discipleship plan that cares for individuals from infancy through adulthood.  
  7. Contributing to the musical worship expression through singing, playing an instrument, providing artistic direction, or spiritually investing in the worship team.

Education and/or Experience Requirements 

Undergraduate or graduate education required, with theological training preferred.  Experience serving in a leadership or pastoral capacity may equate to the previously mentioned education requirement.


  • Salary Dependent on Experience 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Retirement Contribution 

All applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] The application deadline is February 15th.