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outReach FAQ


What do I need to serve?

Time. Are you willing to give a couple of hours on a Saturday to help others reap an eternal reward?

Will I be safe?

We take every measure we can to insure safety. We bring our children so that serving in this community will be a way of life for them. Our families will be there, we invite you to bring yours.

Do I need to be a pro at sharing my faith?

No, we will train you in sharing your faith. We do not expect everyone to share their faith during every interaction, but we do ask that you be sensitive to God providing the opportunity for you to tell some about why you love Jesus.

If I come once, will that be enough?

Sure, but we are hoping you will serve in Detroit with us at least twice a year. Your one time partnership helps double or triple our impact in the community. You help us connect with individuals who we may not have been able to meet because of our limited capacity. We also are pretty sure that if you come once, you will be back.

Why do you want to connect with people?

After calling Matthew from the despised role of tax collector, Jesus had a meal with Matthew’s tax collector buddies and the “sinners”. While having dinner with them Jesus informed the religious folks of that day that the healthy didn’t need a doctor, but the sick were the ones in need. He had come for the sinners (the sick and we seek to do the same (Matthew 9:9-13) . Outreach gives us the opportunity to engage people so that we can care for the sinner and encourage the righteous.

Should my group help cover the cost of the outreach we are a part of?

We welcome your generosity but want to acknowledge that your presence is our most valuable asset.

Who do I make checks out to if I would like to make a financial contribution?

Mack Avenue Community Church
P. O. Box 15692
Detroit, MI 48215

Will my car be safe?

Most events that we host are in close proximity to our cars. Your car will either be in viewing distance or we will attempt to park them in the yard of one of our members.


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