Seeing Communities Transformed, Both Spiritually and Physically, Starting with Our Own

Our Vision

Seeing communities transformed both spiritually and physically starting with our own.

Transformed Spiritually

Holistic Discipleship - We will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to grow in learning how to walk by faith, communicate their faith, and multiply their faith in one-on-one and small group relationships.

Holistic Church - We will be aware of and meet the spiritual as well as the physical needs of our community and our world. We are committed to building kingdom minded individuals who will serve God in an increasingly relativistic world.

Commitment to Living in Light of the Truth - We will discern/differentiate what is true from what is false reality and live in light of reality according to God.

Fellowship/Fostering Community, Love and Unity - We will strive to live in a community with each other where they know the other people are committed to loving, caring, authentic, grace and truth filled relationships.

Transformed Physically

Community Relief - We will love the marginalized and our city by providing efforts of relief for desperate need situations.

Community Development - We will encourage people at all levels toward development for the benefit of themselves, their family and community.

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