Seeing Communities Transformed, Both Spiritually and Physically, Starting with Our Own

Our Core Values

Holistic Discipleship

  • Discipleship would be holistic, organic, attainable, and a reality/happening
  • Stewardship of our life, time, and resources
  • Evangelism to the lost
  • Generosity
  • Spiritual multiplication
  • A heart for the world/missions
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Living in light of your gifts

Holistic Church

  • Worshipping of God
  • Loving the believer and unbeliever
  • Pursuing holiness while not having it all together (Authenticity)
  • Living as the people of God
  • Priority in corporate worship (Living out our personal/corporate union with God).
  • Total dependence upon God’s Grace.
  • Excellence and intentionality in everything we do
  • Youth/Intergenerational ministry
  • Encouraging the prayers of the saints

Commitment to Living in Light of the Truth

  • Learning the truth (scriptures), learning how to study the truth and teaching others to learn how to study the truth
  • Living Biblically and counter-culturally

Fellowship/Fostering Community, Love and Unity

  • Encouraging the community of believers
  • People being allowed grace, truth and time in their development.
  • Embracing and pursuing Diversity and Unity  
  • Accountability to God and to one another

Community Relief/Development

  • Ministering to the marginalized and the poor by relieving and developing (practically and spiritually).
  • Social Justice

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