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MACC Groups

Our vision is embodied in MACC Groups.

What are MACC groups?

MACC groups are local, urban missional communities of people that gather weekly to share life and truth, love God and one another, and engage the social and spiritual needs of our Community. They are family/people-based and inter-generational/ethnic, a place where the church can be the church to one another and to the Community.

MACC Groups are grounded in Four Principles and shaped by Four Practices.

The Four Practices

  1. SHARE       →        truth and life
  2. PRAY          →        for one another and the City
  3. ENGAGE    →        people and culture
  4. LOVE          →        one another

The Four Principles:

  1. We all are broken: We are all more broken than we want to admit, and God is more holy than we comprehend.
  2. We all need Jesus: In Jesus we are more forgiven and accepted than we can imagine, and God is more delighted in us that we understand.
  3. We all need one another: We need each other to share our struggles and joys in following Jesus.
  4. The world needs the gospel: The gospel offers the hope of justice, the clarity of truth, the comfort of grace, and joy of Jesus to a broken world.

How Does It Work?

MACC Groups begin with a two-hour weekly commitment. We gather with no more than four families. During this time we share a meal together, communion and our lives. Facilitated by a leader, our time together will include prayer, discussing the weekly message and/or book of the Bible.

The dinner responsibility is rotated weekly. The expectation is that these groups would be loving, simple, real, biblical, and missional. Once every four weeks, MACC Groups serve their local communities through MACC Outreach.

The Focus Of Our Discussion

  • God- What does this text reveal to me about God? (His Character).
  • Community- What does this text reveal about me and us as a group? (His People).
  • Missional- What does this text reveal about our context as missionaries? (His Mission).


The expectation is that each family is willing to lead a MACC Group when appropriate. This means either leaving your current group to start another or continuing with that group while starting another. This decision is jointly based on the desire of your group and discernment of the families.

For more information about MACC Groups, please contact Eric Russ.

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