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MACC Events 2017



January 8: Vision Sunday

January 21: MACC Sports Basketball Begins

January 23: Men's Bible Study Begins

January 24: MACC Lit Spring Semester Begins


February 4: Men's Night

February 12: Budget Meeting

February 20: MACC Sports Closing Ceremony


March 4: Women's Night

March 5: First Sunday of Lent

March 16-18: Just Gospel Conference

March 19: Child Dedications

March 30-April 1: Elder Retreat


April 9: Palm Sunday

April 11: MACC Lit End of the Year Celebration/Family Night

April 13: Maundy Thursday Seder Meal

April 14: Good Friday Service

April 15: Easter Egg Hunt

April 16: Easter Sunday

April 17: Women's Bible Study Begins

April 29: MACC Sports Opening Day


May 6: Men's Night

May 12: MACC Development Gala

May 19-21: Discipleship Retreat

May 27: MACC Sports Memorial Day BBQ


June 3: Women's Night

June 17: MACC Sports Soccer Closing Ceremony 

June 24: 3v3 Basketball Tournament


July 3-7: SpringHill Camp

July 11: MACC Lit Summer Camp Begins

July 29: Dessert Night


August 19: Charles H. Wright Museum Visit

August 26: Field Day


September 9: MACC Sports Opening Day

September 21-23: Elder Retreat


October 4-7: CCDA National Conference

October 17: MACC Lit Semester Begins

October 21: Harvest Party 

October 28: MACC Sports Closing Ceremony


November 12: Child Dedications

November 18: Women's' Night


December 3: First Sunday of Advent

December 9: Christmas Dinner

December 14: MACC Lit End of Semester Celebration

December 17: MACC Kids Christmas Program

December 24: Christmas Eve Service


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