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The Gospel

The Gospel Narrative

The story does not start with Sin but with Love. There is One God the maker of all things. Out of his abundance of love he made all things. Specifically he made humans to bear his image, which means we resemble God. He created us with Value, Worth, Destiny etc. However, we chose to sin against him and our relationship was marred.

The Bible states we deserve death (Rom 6:23) but God demonstrated his love for us by sending his only son Jesus. Jesus lived a life without sin, went to the cross and died. By doing so he willingly paid for the sin of those who would love him. Jesus also rose from the dead to be victorious over all things opposed to him. He is victorious over Satan and all things evil and marred. He then sends all those who love him on mission to proclaim to the world that what they've been waiting for is here.

The King is here and he wants all his creation to be with him. Jesus is alive and in charge and commanding everyone to repent of their sin and put their trust in Jesus their Lord. All those who trust Christ experience life and those who do not trust Christ are still dead in their sins.

This is a great love story for those who want to trust Jesus and a tragic horror for those who desire to serve false god’s.

Please believe the gospel.

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